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Amal Glass

Glasses that resemble the sunglasses and a small controller placed in the pocket. They are connected with a cable.

Glass in use

World War 3 Game

Amal glasses have special games for the blind. They operate in a three-dimensional audio environment that enables the blind to play and entertain. ..

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Through this service, the blind can identify the weather in the place where he exists and receive warning messages about the daily changes in the weather. ..

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It enables the blind to know how long it takes from starting cooking, when to turn off the cooker and other uses. ..

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You are lost! Need some help from your family or friends! Just Use SOS service. ..

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Simple Recorder

Do you want to record ! just switch on Recorder and it will do every thing for you. ..

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Remaining distance

Locate a specific place to go to, and know the remaining distance to reach the target with different distances. ..

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Arab Innovation Network (AIN)

First place ..

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Supernova Challenge

Dubai, UAE : Taking home cash prizes worth a whopping US$100,000, four start-ups ..

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World Economic Forum

Amal Glass (United Arab Emirates) Amal glasses contain an artificial int ..

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Amal Glass: Smart tech that put the digital assistant in the head.

Amal Glass: Smart tech that put the digital assistant in the head.

Smart phones? Bleh! The new tech revolution will be in your eyes. Mohammed Islam, CEO of Amal Glass with his co-founder Bandar Saad Al Bidnah invented the next big thing in AI that will neither liv...

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نظارة ذكية تقدم للمكفوفين خدمة التحذير من العقبات

نظارة ذكية تقدم للمكفوفين خدمة التحذير من العقبات

شاهد الفيديو...

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بالفيديو :

بالفيديو : "النظارة الذكية".. تبعث الأمل للمكفوفين


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اختراع مهم نتمتى ان يكون في متناول جميع المرضى.والله هو الموفق

Maziane Mtammar Facebook user

نتمنا ان تنتشر في جمع الدول في اقرب وقت

Fares Madrid Ben Harzallah Facebook user

سبحان الله فتح الله على البشرية مالم يكن متوقع حتى في الأحلام
" العلم ليس له دين "

Noof Twitter user

عمل رائع

‎سالم حريجه Facebook user

شي جميل وروعه هذا اخترع مميز سيفيد العلم كثيراً

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