Amal to introduce Smart glasses for visually impaired

DUBAI: For the first time ever in GITEX, the biggest technology expo in MENA and South Asia, UAE’s Amal Glass Company will introduce its Amal 1 smart glasses, which represents a new conquest for the blind and visually impaired people, with the introduction providing a step that constitutes a qualitative addition for the people with disabilities visiting the event.

The 38th edition of the annual GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) for five days from October 14 to 18.

The glasses will be on display within the stand of DU, leading ICT and telecom service provider, with view to give the blind and visually impaired the chance to familiarise themselves with the glasses and the qualitative services it provides to its users. DU stand will be located in Zabeel Hall 2 (Stand ZA-A20)

Mohammed Islam Hashim, CEO of Amal Glass Company, said that the introduction during GITEX 2018 of Amal smart glasses, a first-of-a-kind in the world with respect to its specification, aims to provide thousands of visitors and people with disabilities the chance to closely inspect and experience the glasses. He expressed his deep appreciation for the support provided by DU and for its interest in people with disabilities as part of its policy to serve and care for the local community.

Engineer Bandar Saad Al Badna, Marketing Manager of Amal Glass Company, urged the blind and visually impaired people to visit the DU stand to live the experience of the glasses which will enable them better depend on themselves and feel more independent while moving from place to another.

25 Services for their daily and practical lives

Amal smart glasses provide 25 important services needed by the blind and visually impaired people as basic services in their daily and practical lives, such as obstacle warning, people recognition, weather conditions, using remote control devices, colour recognition to choose suitable clothes, currency recognition, Qiblah direction and prayer times.

It also enables students to record audio lectures, in addition to an audio library, and the ability to read products barcodes and capture photos in an easy way. It can read books, newspapers, menus, computer and ATM screens, among others in several languages, including Arabic and English.

It also provides the service of describing the surrounding environment to enable the visually impaired identify the things around them, such as cars, streets, furniture, appliances, office environments and many more, in addition to the identification of commercial and global brands and the ability to recognise the lighting level in the user’s surrounding so as to avoid standing in dangerous unlit places that may expose the user to accidents due to not being visible to others.

Amal smart glasses are equipped with a GPS system specially developed to help the visually impaired people identify the area and street they are in, and eventually enabling them to easily move while being informed of the remaining distance to reach destination.

The glasses also provide an SOS service and sharing of maps and photos of the location of users, in addition to sending “Help-Me” messages to help others identify location of user and come to their rescue. For gaming and entertainment purposes, the glasses also include a laser wars game which works in a 3-D acoustic environment.

To learn more about the special features of Amal smart glasses, please visit the company website.
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