Amal Glass


OCR Text Reading

Read texts such as newspapers, magazines, menus, computer screens, cashiers, etc. in Arabic and English. The visually impaired can also select a specific text for reading by hand or to selec ..

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Environment Description

It enables the blind person to identify the surroundings such as cars, streets, furniture and many more. ..

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Currency Recognition

Now Visually impaired people can buy alone any time and be sure that they will pay and get the correct amount of cash. ..

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Barcode QR Code Reader

This service enables the blind person to identify most of the products supported in the stores by reading their barcode and defining the product by name, price and specifications. ..

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Help Me

You are lost! Need some help from your family or friends! Just Use SOS service. ..

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Dark Environment Protection

This service helps the blind to identify the percentage of light in the place in order to help him avoid standing in the dangerous places where he may be exposed for accidents because of not ..

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Qibla Direction

Using this service, when the person wearing the glasses turns around, it informs him with the Qibla direction. ..

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Voice Notes Player

application used for playing audio ..

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Voice Notes Recorder

Do you want to record ! just switch on Recorder and it will do every thing for you. ..

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No need for brailler watches, Just ask Amal Glass and it will tell you the exact time now. ..

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Flash Light

The main function of a flashlight is to provide The main function of a flashlight is to provide light when there is no light when there is no stationary, permanent stationary, permanent ligh ..

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Remote Control

All what you need to do just use Amal glass to control Supported TV device which supports Infra Red remote control.   ..

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Through this service, the blind can identify the weather in the place where he exists and receive warning messages about the daily changes in the weather. ..

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Software Store

Amal glasses store is a store for Amal glasses, where all the programs are downloaded from the store. This store includes all the programs provided by our company, other companies and other developers specialised in software development in the field of the blind.

Note that the glasses comes with open-source "SDK" to allow any programmer to add any software that benefits the person who lost the grace of sight and the most important features of the store that the person who lost the grace of sight has the ability to update the glasses programs at any time as well as downloading any new program without the need to visit the company to add any program or update the glasses.